A downloadable game for Windows

Play as an adventurous kid that entered an abandoned office, look for some clues and find what happened but look out! There is something lurking in the halls.


  •  WASD to move
  •  MOUSE to look around

To interact or collect stuff, just touch them.

This game was made for the Scream Machine jam.


Robophobia.rar 43 MB


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This game had quite a learning curve! You did a great job on the atmosphere. I played this for a while because I was determined to get all 5, and learning how to evade the robot little by little was a lot of fun. I found the game much easier when I realized that it doesn't come for you when you're hiding in a back corner - I somehow always got caught hiding next to the door Dx I love the premise of the game and how each part is simple yet challenging in its own way.  This was such a great game! Thanks (:




Hey man, so I wanted to let you know I tried out your game for my premiere episode of 3 scary games and I have to say, you are definately on the right track with your game designing and such. The creature's design was fun and scary. The darkness really sells the ambiance well and while the jumpscare is a little old school looking, I still appreciate it quite a bit. I started your game at 6:03 in my video so if you are interested in seeing my playthrough and checking out my full reaction, here ya go!


We were close on escaping near the end